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Ron Erickson/Artist Statement

Ron Erickson Born December 28, 1961 Tokyo, Japan Lives and works in Bogota,NJ.

I've drawn and painted and sculpted as long as I remember. Never did go to Art School. However I do not claim to be self taught. I have studied with various people over the years and have gotten much from them. It started with Dorothy Langseder of Palisades Park who taught me the value of preparation, though in her class I was never prepared. I was ten years old and oil paint was a sensual joyous experience. I knew nothing of art as work. My painting of Golgotha was my first pointedly expressionist endeavor. Wow! The fire that I felt was amazing.

My next teacher that I consider to have had a profound influence on me,Sarah Chamberlain, encouraged me to really look. To see. Then as an artist, creative, to make something that resonated from within, from that which I saw. Abstract what I see.

Through the years I've taken a handful of classes at the Art Students League of NY.Life drawing with Nathan Hale on Friday afternoons in the 80's. Life size sculpting with Barney Hodes in the 90's. Painting on Tuesday nights with Dan Dickerson. Sunday morning drawing with Nicki Orbach. The teachers at the Art Students League have taught me the value of knowledge. Knowing, then putting that knowing into the work. Draw from the inside out.

Richard Diebenkorn, Oscar Bluemner, Edward Hopper, Piet Mondrian and many others are all painters that call to me to say"Look at us. See how we do it. Can you learn something from us? I am looking. I continue to learn.

I have my own voice and can learn to better control it by listening to others before me. I've come to understand my work as Objective Abstraction. Abstraction based in the real world experience of colors shapes and light of the everyday scenes we all experience.

I am enjoying the ride. The joy is in the journey and the best is yet to come.


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